A faster way to connect with your customers.

Matador is a customer engagement platform that will help you sell more by facilitating meaningful conversations with your customers.

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A multi-channel conversion machine


We make it possible to reach anyone, anywhere. Keep up with your most engaged customers with real time messaging through SMS, email and chat.


Matador will help you personalize every interaction by building a comprehensive and complete view of every visitor. Gain insights on every customers journey.


With Matador’s deep learning capabilities, we will help you discover your high intent prospects so you can prioritize your workflow intelligently.


Matador’s chat widget will enable your team to capture and convert anonymous sessions to engaged customers. Less nurturing, more selling.


Matador will help you win more business by converting customers to ambassadors all while keeping a pulse on your overall experience.


Use Matador’s segmentation functionality to build audiences and send personalized text message campaigns.

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