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Matador Conversational AI

In an age where information is king, delivering the right message at the right time can set you apart. AI-enhanced content tailors communication to each prospect, segmenting your contact based on a myriad of data points like the probability of purchase, the number of vehicles browsed, and the device of choice. This personalized approach increases engagement, making each customer feel understood and valued, thus driving sales.

SMS Marketing Delivers Unmatched ROI in Automotive with matador

The ability to communicate at scale without losing the personal touch is what differentiates the good from the great. Mass Text Messaging Campaigns, facilitated by Matador, allow for this scalability, enabling your dealership to send reminders, notifications, and even direct inserts of Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook event invites to your contacts’ mobile devices. Linking your dealership’s calendar allows for preconfigured launches based on different events, scheduling SMS up to months in advance, ensuring that your communication is as strategic as it is effective.

automate your dealership’s service department with matador

In the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, staying ahead means embracing innovation and leveraging the right tools to enhance your BDC’s performance. Matador is your partner in this journey, offering solutions designed to outperform with a text-first approach, increase engagement, and sell more. With features like funneling all incoming inquiries into a single intuitive messaging interface, automating lead follow-up, utilizing AI-enhanced content, centralizing messages for a unified customer view, and communicating at scale, your dealership is set to thrive. The Matador dashboard provides your dealership with insights, and our software learns to keep offering you the ideal recommendations, driving results and selling more cars week after week.

Are you ready to let Matador help you outperform, increase engagement, and sell more with a strategy that places your BDC at the forefront of innovation?

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