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Texting with customers instantly at Matador

Before you send out a bunch of texts, it’s important to understand the guidelines and regulations set by the FCC, CTIA, and TCPA. Not following these rules might result in large fines and harm to your brand’s image. Since SMS rules keep changing, it’s important to keep up-to-date and informed. That’s why we’re constantly updating Matador, so that you can communicate with your audience without concern, knowing that our system makes sure every message you send follows TCPA rules.

Making great content is key for any business to do well online today. With Matador, creating engaging content is only a click away. With our built-in AI, simply add your idea and we’ll generate the perfect message, optimized for deliverability. With our SMS Broadcast feature, that means you can communicate with thousands of leads, in only a few seconds.

While SMS messaging can be highly effective, people should be able to say ‘no thanks’ to messages, right? Matador identifies sentiment of messages, so contacts can easily opt-out automatically if they no longer wish to be contacted – giving you peace of mind that you’re compliant with regulations without the risk of human error!

Matador also intelligently manages Opt-In. Most engagement platforms require people to type exactly: YES to opt-in to messaging. Meaning, all the: yup, sure, ok, etc. never turned into conversations! With Matador, we automatically identify the positive intent and opt those customers in. Allowing dealerships to have more conversations.

At Matador, we know how vital deliverability is. That’s why our dashboard shows your SMS health score, our messages show you if they’ve been delivered or not and our platform automatically optimizes your entire account to maximize deliverability.

In Matador, you can see which messages get the most attention, which ones are marked as spam, and which campaigns need to be looked at again. We use detailed SMS analysis to find trends and make your campaigns more effective.

With the help of Matador, you can optimize your SMS deliverability like never before. 

Our platform allows you to change carriers, area codes and more to ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients.  We also offer a dashboard that shows the health score of your phone number, giving you valuable insights into your phone number’s performance. Matador also evaluates your messages and provides suggestions to improve deliverability.

Our transparency is second to none, allowing you to see exactly which messages are delivered and which ones aren’t. 

So, if you’re ready to make your SMS marketing stand out, Matador’s here to help. We’re all about getting your messages out there and making sure they pack a punch!

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