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Video for Your Dealership: A Game-Changer in Automotive Sales with Matador new Video feature

A Walkaround Video is like a virtual handshake and a tour combined. It’s your first impression, where you showcase the beauty and details of your vehicles. By giving a personalized tour of a car, highlighting its features and condition, you connect with your customer, showing the real value of what you’re offering.

transform the way you connect with your customers with Matador's newest feature: video

Transparency is key in building trust. A Repair Order Video, detailing the work needed or done on a vehicle, humanizes the often opaque process of car maintenance. It’s like bringing your customer into the garage without them having to leave their home.

Engage the senses with an Interior ASMR Video. Let the sound of the car’s engine, the click of the buttons, and the soft hum of the air conditioning tell a story. This sensory experience can create an emotional connection, making the customer feel like they’re already in the driver’s seat.

A Why Buy Video is your platform to showcase not just a car, but your dealership’s values and personality. Here, you can communicate what sets you apart, be it your exceptional service, community involvement, or unique selling points.

Keep the excitement alive with a Vehicle Delivery Update Video. From the moment a customer decides to purchase, to the day they get their keys, these updates can build anticipation and reassure them of their choice.

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