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automate your dealership’s service department with matador

The first act in our automation saga addresses denied service work. It’s a common scenario: a customer declines a service recommendation. But what if you could automatically re-engage these customers, reminding them of the importance of this work? Matador’s solution elegantly automates this process. By systematically following up, you not only increase the chances of converting denied work into revenue but also show customers that their vehicle’s health is your priority, enhancing dealership customer satisfaction.

automatically re-engage your dealership customers with matador

After a service visit, customer feedback is gold. But how often do we let this opportunity slip? Matador’s automation for service review invites ensures that every customer receives a personalized invitation to share their experience. This not only aids in dealership customer engagement but also builds your online reputation – an invaluable asset in today’s digital-first world.

Keeping customers informed about their vehicle’s status is a key driver of dealership customer satisfaction. Implementing automation for real-time vehicle status updates transforms the customer experience. It reassures them that their prized possession is in capable hands and minimizes anxious phone calls, freeing your staff to focus on what they do best.

Vehicle Status Updates automation

Identifying and re-engaging service defectors – customers who haven’t visited in over six months – is a crucial aspect of dealership lead revival. Matador’s automated system reaches out to these customers, reviving lost leads by reminding them of your dealership’s unparalleled service and the importance of regular vehicle maintenance.

The final act in our automation narrative targets customers who purchased a vehicle but haven’t returned for service. This segment represents a significant opportunity for dealership customer retention. Matador’s automation initiates contact with these customers, encouraging them to experience your top-notch service department, thereby cementing a long-term relationship.

Matador’s Automations Enhance Customer Experience at every dealership

In conclusion, Matador’s suite of automations is not just about technology; it’s about crafting an exceptional customer journey, enhancing dealership customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction. It’s about ensuring that every interaction with your dealership is memorable and positive. By embracing these automations, your dealership isn’t just keeping up with the times; it’s setting the pace for the future of automotive service excellence.

So, have you considered how these automations can revolutionize your dealership’s service department?

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